Give your company 91%
more time and cost-efficency

Full automatization of the operations that Azure DevOps offers. Improvement in the task management process from whom can benefit anyone in a company, from the Project managers to the end-users.
Filling the gap in the existing platforms
Continue using Microsoft Azure DevOps, but in much better conditions
Task ‘N Go is a platform for automatization of already existing task management platforms, with predictions based on ML (Machine Learning) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) as well as metrics and analytics for companies. This platform is filling the gap that is missing in the task management platforms that are on the current market. Task ‘N Go is enabling Microsoft Azure DevOps users to be connected for the first time with a mobile app, that is simple and easy to use. Using the best options that DevOps offers to the market, we are improving them with additional functionalities that will make the workflow of users more efficient, engaging, and without any of the existing stress of managing task management platforms.
Preselected Query
Automatically sorted To-Do list
Instead of wandering around the endless to-do list, looking for the one task you need work on right now, Task 'N Go automatically sorts a list that you can view at any time from our mobile app, and it also automatically determines which task you should do next. When you click Play on the task on your to-do list, a manageable notification will appear on the screen, and you can continue to edit the task just like playing music on Spotify.
Spotify for Developers
Manage the daily tasks just like playing music on Spotify
We all know the struggle with inputting information about daily tasks in the task management platforms. Whether you are a developer, designer, or manager in a company, not entering information about daily tasks can have a negative effect on everyone, as well as on the company itself. Employees are constantly under pressure from superiors to manage their tasks, managers are unaware of their timelines, projects, and deadlines, but this nightmare ends here, thanks to our platform Task ‘N Go. In V1 of Task ‘N Go, the Basic version, we are offering the companies Spotify for Developers, a possibility to manage the daily tasks, just like playing music on their mobile phones. Users will receive daily manageable notifications with simple PLAY, PAUSE, DONE buttons.

When the user starts with the task, all that is needed is for the Play button to be clicked, and the status of the work item is automatically changed, if there is an ad hok task or break, here is the Pause button, and when the task is finished, Done button.

By automatically filling in information when the user clicks on one of the Play, Pause and Done options, managers will be informed and aware in real-time about how the tasks within their projects are going.

Our goal is to reduce the time required to manage day-to-day tasks, to make this process more acceptable and interesting to the employees themselves, and to enable managers to be aware of their projects at the right time.
Management options for everyone's preference
The Spotify for Developers that can be also managed through a Widget
Widgets are designed for user convenience and personalization, they provide quick access to information from the apps without the need for opening them.

Although users have notifications that can be managed with a simple three clicks on the lock screen in the first version, in the V1.1 we have a built-in. Our team thinks of all users and gives them all management options based on their preferences. Users of their choice will have notifications as an option for managing tasks and a widget where they will also be able to manage the tasks with the Play, Pause, and Done buttons.
Be aware of everything about your projects at any
Real-time Metrics and Analytics
The goal of the managers in the companies is to be up to date with all the developments within their projects, but unfortunately, this is not always the case, because the employees do not enter the updates for their tasks on time, and do not always give accurate estimates for them. With our Spotify for Developers feature, our goal is to provide employees with a tool that is easy and simple to use and will motivate them to enter their tasks information. Within the Pro version of Task ‘N Go, our users can expect Real-time Metrics and Analytics based on previous work of the company, additionally to Play, Pause, Done Notifications, and Widget. With this feature, the C and 2nd level management will be aware of their timeline and projects in real-time, when it is actually needed.
Accurate prediction of your deadlines
Machine Learning Prediction
A challenge that companies often face is not matching the time estimated for project development with the actual time required to complete it. You may have heard or been in a situation where, for example, there is an estimate for a project of 100 hours, but in the end, the completed time turns out to be 160 hours. Miscalculation of time usually yields results where deadlines are missed, bad relationships with clients develop, delays in all subsequent projects, and the company loses time and money. Task ‘N Go is resolving this problem with the feature Machine Learning Prediction in Real-time, which will enable the users to know exactly when their project is ending, to be more accurate with the deadlines and realistic with the clients. So, in the Pro Plus version we are offering real-time data verification and a possibility to avoid errors.
Biggest management tools on one platform
Multiplatform tool, with the integration of a second platform
Companies that work with clients often face the problem where each client works on a different task or project management platform. Their employees must constantly change the platforms they work on, which costs the company time for training, and adaptation, as well as unawareness of the progress of projects or tasks. They also must take their time to retrieve information from all platforms to create analytics. In the future, our users can expect the integration of another platform, in addition to Microsoft Azure DevOps, which will allow them to work on different platforms through Task 'N Go.