Automation of existing task and project management platforms and filling the gap between them and their users.
Integration with
Microsoft Azure DevOps.
Task ‘N Go offers a mobile (Android & IOS) and web platform for all users of Microsoft Azure DevOps. Finally, the DevOps users will get a mobile app through which they can manage their daily tasks with a simple click on their locked screens on mobile phones. And this is not all, the Project managers will get a platform through which they can see active dashboards with Metrics, Analytics, and Prediction for the work and projects in real-time.

In a few steps, companies need to get the licenses for their employees, and in just a few seconds (automatized integration), all your data from Microsoft Azure DevOps will be available in Task ‘N Go.
Automatically sorted To-Do list
Instead of wandering around the endless to-do list, looking for the one task you need work on right now, Task 'N Go automatically sorts a list that you can view at any time from our mobile app, and it also automatically determines which task you should do next. When you click Play on the task on your to-do list, a manageable notification will appear on the screen, and you can continue to edit the task just like playing music on Spotify.
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The Spotify for Developers
The basic version's biggest benefit is for end-users/developers. Companies are giving the opportunity to end-users to be more efficient and have fun working with task management programs. Task 'N Go has enabled the management of daily tasks, just like playing music on their mobile phones. Users will receive notifications with simple PLAY, PAUSE, and DONE buttons.
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Real-time Metrics and Analytics
The Pro Version of Task ‘N Go, is mainly for 2nd level management/PM/PO where we are gathering all active data from Azure DevOps and generating summaries/timetables for projects and organizations. This feature's main benefit is giving management Real-time Metrics and Analytics about their projects and organization. Users can set custom alerts about their project timeline, team members, etc. We cannot stop problems in the project, but we can alert management about problems that can occur, and this is more than enough for management to try to fix the problems on the fly. We are giving an active timeline that changes according to the real-time data from developers and the difference between the estimated time (timeline) and real-time data from finished tasks. Time matters for management and for clients!
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ML Prediction
With the feature Machine Learning Prediction in Real-time, which will enable the users to know exactly when their project is ending, to be more accurate with the deadlines and realistic with the clients. So, Pro Plus is offering real-time data verification and a possibility to avoid errors.
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