Boost your time and cost-efficiency by 91% with Task ‘N Go
Task ‘N Go is an innovative platform designed to streamline task management and automation for companies in the IT and service industries. With its intuitive interface, Task ‘N Go helps organizations achieve greater levels of productivity by enriching legacy projects and task management tools.

By automating repetitive tasks and providing real-time tracking and analytics, Task ‘N Go enables businesses to optimize their operations and prioritize what truly matters.
Our goal is to become a cross-platform tool. We have established our first integration with Microsoft Azure DevOps, a powerful tool with overengineered flows. Using Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, along with metrics and analytics, Task ‘N Go enables full automation of the project management operations offered by Azure DevOps.

We are providing significant benefits to all levels in an organization, from C-level management to end-users.
By filling the gap in the existing task management 
platforms, Task ‘N Go offers a solution that elevates
the efficiency and effectiveness of task management.


As a software company dedicated to providing our users with the best tools for task management, we take considerable pride in offering a comprehensive suite of applications that includes both mobile and web-based platforms, along with development studio extensions that enable seamless integration and collaboration across multiple teams and projects.


Task ‘N Go enables users of Microsoft Azure DevOps to be connected for the first time with a mobile (Android & IOS) app, and with just a few simple clicks on their locked screens, they can manage their daily tasks directly from their mobile phones.


With our extensions, we are simplifying the task management process for developers by seamlessly integrating with their daily workflow. Instead of having to navigate to a mobile or web application for task tracking, our extensions allow them to manage their tasks from the comfort of their studio environment.


Our initial extension is available through Visual Studio, allowing developers to conveniently manage and track their progress within the studio. By eliminating the need for additional steps, we save developers valuable time that can be spent on building high-quality applications. This approach makes it easier for them to focus on what matters most.


Using the project management features that Azure DevOps offers to the market, Task ‘N Go is enhancing them with additional functionalities that will make the workflow of users more efficient, engaging, and stress-free, resulting in better outcomes.

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Task ‘N Go

Basic package


Minimize the time you spend on managing your tasks
Make the task management more engaging for your employees


In the corporate world, it is not uncommon for end-users in the companies to catch themselves spending too much time on managing their day-to-day tasks tasks that can often be repetitive and tedious. This represents a monotonous process for them and can lead them to stress and frustration. Employees may find it challenging to maintain their productivity levels, as they struggle to keep up with the overwhelming workload.

Task ‘N Go is addressing this issue with the Basic version, that caters to the specific requirements of end-users in companies, such as developers, designers, copywriters, etc.

In this package, end-users get the feature “Spotify for Developers”, which provides manageable notifications on the locked screens on their mobile phones. And just by clicking on one of the “Play”, “Pause” or “Done” buttons, the user can update the status of their work items effortlessly.

In addition to Spotify for Developers, end-users get an “Automatically Sorted To-Do List”. Instead of wandering between various projects and organizations looking for the tasks they should work on next, this list is streamlining this process, saving users valuable time.

Pro package


Real-time Metrics and Analytics
Keep track of everything about your projects at anytime


Effective project management is crucial for any organization, and it is important to stay up-to-date with the latest project developments. However, this is not always possible as employees may struggle to enter data for their tasks in a timely manner.

The Pro package of Task 'N Go provides a solution to this challenge by offering many features, including Real-time Metrics and Analytics based on previous work of the company.

Within this package, Second-level management (Project Managers Product Owners, etc.) gets access to a dashboard of every resource and project allocation, notifying them about the status of each resource or project, and has the option to set custom notifications, that will alert them about certain critical activities regarding their projects. It should be noted that these notifications are not enabled by default.

The Pro package also provides real-time data verification and error avoidance capabilities, which minimizes the risk of further setbacks, allowing both Second-level and C-level management to make better informed decisions in real-time, when it matters most.

Premium package


Machine Learning Prediction
Realistic predictions of your deadlines

Many businesses find it challenging to come up with realistic estimations for project completion. Such miscalculations can lead to serious consequences, such as missed deadlines, delays in follow-up projects, financial losses, and damaged relationships with clients, and within the company.

Cases where a project is predicted to undertake 100 hours for completion, yet ends up taking 180 hours, deplete valuable resources such as time and finances, both the organization and the client.

Task ‘N Go is addressing this issue with Machine Learning Prediction in Real-time, which allows C-level management to have more understanding of exactly when their projects are ending, and to be more realistic when setting deadlines and building relationships with clients.

When embarking on a project, choosing the right team is crucial. By utilizing Machine Learning, Task ‘N Go can predict the project’s timeline, providing insight into resource allocation and planning. It also recommends optimal resource utilization that can accelerate project completion, thereby elevating overall efficiency levels.

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